Sian Pryce

Hi support seekers!

I’m Sian, Family Teen and Individual Counsellor working on The Gold Coast and online.  

Are you looking for a counsellor with a difference?

I have a deep passion for helping you to find out what it is YOU need to get your life back on track and find a sense of peace in your world.

Getting counselling is not a weakness or a lack of ability to solve your own problems, it means you have been struggling alone for too long. Sometimes we ruminate forever, but we never seem to get anywhere in making solid decisions and acting on them. It’s time to share the burden with someone you trust. I could be just that person!

Why see me?

There are lots of psychologists out there, and many people go to the GP to get 10 sessions of mental health care under Medicare.  There is usually a waiting list often for some months. While this may work for some, it doesn’t for many.

There is often also a Medicare gap fee of approximately $100 to see a Medicare-funded psychologist. 

I have clients who also say they have been to a large number of counselling sessions but got nowhere, they felt hurried, unheard, and moved on… as if the therapist was ticking off a box.

You will get much more with me than a waiting list and a 50-minute-a-week session when you come to me!

How am I different?

  • My fees are only a flat $100 per session so the cost is comparable if you have to pay a gap fee. Plus, you get extra care and support!
  • I can see clients at short notice sometimes the same day or the next day.
  • My sessions run for the full hour if you need it.
  • I can be available for text support and email support BETWEEN sessions. This is unavailable to most psychologists as they have such heavy workloads and cannot incorporate this service into their care model.
  • I can sometimes be available for phone call support too, if a crisis ensues. Mental health issues do not operate between 9 – 5 pm!!

Sometimes it makes its presence at the most inconvenient times, and we feel very alone in that crisis. I can help you in that moment time permitting, and I can schedule a crisis call if not.

What do I offer as a counsellor?

Life can be so tough! Sometimes, shame, guilt, confusion, sadness, and fear can drive us to stay with our situation because we just can’t see a way out of it.

Being strong in the face of adversity means calling out for support, care, concern, and for ideas. I create a safe, secure, warm environment for you to share whatever you wish to share and together we will lead you out of pain, and emotional and physical paralysis, and into a better life.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice “Bob Marley.”

Not only do I have clinical skills I also have great rapport-building and deep compassion. I can help you, your teen, or young adult to get back on track and bring yourself and your family some peace and harmony.

None of us come into this life with all the psychological equipment to support ourselves through every trauma, and every obstacle, but what we always have, to support us, is each other. That is what I want to be for you and with you.

I can unpack with you, and assist you, to identify and resolve issues at any stage of your life. Many of us find ourselves at different times of our lives dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, bullying problems, friendship concerns, mental health issues, career direction, relationship issues, grief, and loss.

Sometimes we have layers of feelings and emotions that we need to unravel to release and heal. Let me help you, sort through the mess, and get back to being you again!

I have the clinical skills and the experience to guide you to where you want to be in your life, using a variety of evidence-based strategies and techniques and a warm non-judgmental approach.

I am qualified and an ACA registered counsellor and I cater for NDIS participants. Please give me a call today, our sessions are private and confidential.

“Love the life you live; live the life you love “Bob Marley.


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